Matching your Face to Your Tan

11 Apr

How to get your face to match the rest of your body …

If you get a spray tan or use self tanning lotion and are not one to tan your face, then this is a goodie for you!

1st and foremost, if you get a spray tan and you do not have sensitive skin on your face, SPRAY YOUR FACE to match. Please just make sure to wash your face about 4 – 5 hours after you have sprayed. If you wait longer than 12 hours to wash your face, you may become victim to what I like to call “Oompa Loompa/Simon Cowell” face. Yes, that means you have an obvious spray tan or look like you just stepped out of a tanning bed that you were in for way too long. Not Cute. When you get a suntan, your face is not a perfect match to your body. So, if you have brown tanned skin from the sun, you will not have a perfect brown tanned face. Do not ever become victim to “Oompa Loompa” or “Simon Cowell” face.

Best solution: Use Bronzer on your face. I personally use Stila bronzer (Shade 2) – Powder compact form. I DO NOT use the one with SPF in it, yuck. But I have truly been using this on my face since 1998 and it’s the best stuff on the planet! Sephora sells it. I just purchased an AMAZING bronzer brush that is a little on the $$$ side, but well worth it! The brush is the Thrish McEvoy bronzer brush. Unreal. When bronzing your face … please, please, please bronze your neck and chest bone so that it makes a smooth transition. Otherwise, you will have tan face, white neck and tan body. Again, not cute.

*Beauty secret: make your cheeks, bone of your nose and your forehead a bit rosier, and hoala! You look sun-kissed!

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