16 Jun

So, of course all you beautiful ladies out there still ask me all the time which self tanner I love and who spray tans me … and I am finally giving you the dish on THE BEST SELF TANNING LOTION around! Hands down, there is no other lotion like this. I swear, I have personally bought over 5 in the last month, 20 in the last 6 months and you can probably estimate what the number is of self tanners I have purchased over the course of the last 15 years of self tanning! ;)

NO OTHER SELF TANNER COMPARES TO THIS ONE! And by now, I think you all know that the “Tanning Mom” knows her product! I’ve personally had 3 other “Valley Moms” test out the product and they all agree: WE ARE ADDICTED! Quoted from my fellow Valley Mom Team member, Lisa B “I LOVE IT! The color is so much more brown than other self tanners, lasts so much longer than all the others I use and the smell is my favorite compared to the others. Only negative – I want a bigger bottle! 6 oz jut doesn’t cut it!” Bring on the Beautisol! (formerly known as Antidote)

First, when you place your latex-free gloves on and you gently rub this silky smooth product all over your body, you immediately get to see the insane color that you are ever so deliciously turning into! And you know how I love when a lotion is pre-bronzed, as you can make sure to see any spots you may have missed or any potential streaking! The color out of the bottle is a dark blackish, redish, brownish tint and that somehow turns you into an EXTREMELY natural brown color! There is absolutely NO tint of orange whatsoever! I promise! The color is the most natural I have ever seen or had in all my self tanning lifetime! It’s truly INCREDIBLE! And a perk – the smell is delicious! They have a “No Smell Technology” that was developed in Europe that we are ever so lucky to have been blessed to use here! Here’s a tid bit on this incredible technology:

“We utilize a cutting-edge fragrance technology, SMELL RIGHT, to neutralize and encapsulate the unpleasant processing smell or odors typically associated with self-tanning. This breakthrough solution reduces the offensive malodors by up to 80% through the balance of technology and fragrance molecules.

How did SMELL RIGHT come to be?

This technology had a very interesting start that many of us can relate to! A lead chemist at a well-known fragrance house could not stand the way his wife smelled after she applied self-tanner, so he began his extensive search to figure out precisely which fragrances neutralized the malodors and which fragrances could be used directly with DHA and not cause any interactions or to changes to the self-tanning formula. After years of testing he was finally able to seal smelly self-tanner’s fate forever! Beautisol™ is proud to introduce SMELL RIGHT technology to the U.S. market. Self-tanner users may now breathe a sigh of relief!”

If you are looking for a self tanner … this is the one you want! This product is paraben-free and packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that help nourish and hydrate the skin. I can assure you, you won’t be upset you ordered it! Go to their website and order today! If you try it out and love it, become a ClubSol member where you get $5 off the retail price, FREE shipping and updates and invites to all their products and events!

The price of a 6oz. bottle of Beautisol is $39 (that bottle lasts a tan-a-holic like me up to 10 tans which is just under 3 months for me, on average).

Buy it today and CLICK HERE to be redirected to BEAUTISOL!

Or just click below and you can choose from both their products: Summer Glow (instantly dark) or All Season’s Glow which is a more gradual glow.

My One Leg tanned with Beautisol

xo, Happy Self Tanning!

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