Summer Tanning/Glowing Must Haves … WOW!

5 Jul

Here is the deal, you will all appreciate this, I have been planning on doing a tanning must-have interview with Jillian Barberie Reynolds, whatever. She always has a great bronze color and she is a fellow Valley Mom! So, why not? Therefore I asked Jillian a few weeks ago if she would be interested in doing the interview! Her answer was, of course, yes.

Since I haven’t heard back from her in a while and then today she dedicated a show to tanning must-haves (only 18 days after I asked her to come up with them) I decided to fill all of you in on them! Ps … great idea she did on the GDLA show, I wonder who came up with it? Oh, right … me! Ugh.

These are copies of messages between Jiilian Barberie and I …

My initial message and question:

TheValleyMom: Would u ever consider doing a 5 quest + answer via email w/ me about ur top 5 tan secrets 4 Esp since u r a valley mom? ;) 9:14 AM Jun 17th”

Jillian’s responses:


“I woul love to share my must haves. I can list them here on Twitter if that’s convenient!” 7:54 AM Jun 18th

then she wrote a minute later to clarify …


“I woul love to share my must haves. I can list them here on Twitter if that’s convenient! DM of course then u can post on web!” 7:55 AM Jun 18th (DM is Direct Message)

My response:

TheValleyMom: That would be perfect I would absolutely luv it! My readers would luv it! If u can’t get it all in DM u can email 2” 8:47 AM Jun 18th

TheValleyMom: Thank you so much Jillian! You are great! I look forward to reading your Must Haves!!!” 8:49 AM Jun 18th

Didn’t hear about it again … so I asked again about 10 days later:

TheValleyMom: Hey mama! Let me know when I can get your top 5 beauty must haves! (Def put your tanning suggest in there 2) thx so much! :) by email or DM” 7:44 AM Jun 28th

Then today, July 5th I saw this posted on her account:

askjillian: At work today….. Hope eveyone had a happy and safe 4th!!!! How many of u have today off too? I’m showing tanning must haves on GDLA” about 8 hours ago ( approx 5:00 AM Jul 5th)  via Echofon

So, needless to say, I was a tad disappointed. But, who needs to be disappointed?! Not me! I’ll just take this GDLA show as a great idea from someone (me) and instead of an email/twitter interview … we get it live!

So, feel free to watch Jillian and her Summer Tanning Must-Haves! From one Valley Mom to another …

click below to watch

After watching, get some of The Valley Mom’s feedback on her product choices!

I can’t comment on the products I have not used. So, I will list the products I have used that Jillian swears by:

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Illuminating Natural RadianceLaura Mercier – face illuminator/tinted face products: VM’s rating- I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! All of Laura Mercier’s products are truly fabulous! The tinted products are great and work great without leaving you looking like makeup is caked on! It helps give you the all over tint you need! Plus it’s silky, so your face feel soft! It’s a great moisturizer and I have the driest of dry skin! I still prefer powder bronzer, but if you like a wet facial moisturizing bronzer … this is definitely the one!

Sevin Nyne Self-Tanning Lotion 5 ozLindsay Lohan’s “Sevin Nyne” – Self Tanner: VM’s rating Not my fave. The spray isn’t bad … but there is definitely better out there. The smell is pretty good, but just as most self tanners on the shelf, you end up smelling sweaty because that’s what happens when you clog your pores of self tanner. (I am used  to it by now). And the gel is fine if you like gel … I personally can’t stand tanning gels. They are way too sticky and don’t dry fast enough. I like tanning lotions, sprays and foams. Hate gels! Yuck, sticky! I have had a few friends tell me they like this product. This duo is $35 for both at Sephora if you want to give it a whirl! Otherwise I would suggest Victoria’s Secret duo of tanning lotion and spray that lasts longer and is still cheaper – $24 for both! ;)

St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Bronzing Mousse 8 ozSt. Tropez  – Bronzing Mousse: VM’s review: I like this product. I’s different! It’s a nice texture, light, airy and easy to put on! If you are a beginner at self tanning, this would be a great product for you to try! If you are extremely pale, this is also a nice product. Although it looks dark, it’s actually quite light compared to my favorites. If you click above to purchase, it’s $3 cheaper on my link than at Sephora! ;)

Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion 8 fl oz.Sun or Sun Very Dark – Self Tanner: VM’s Review – I liked this product. YOU NEED TO WEAR GLOVES! It stains your hands! It’s a very nice product and two of my loyal readers, Averi F. and Brandy P.both swear by this product! Thus … I tried it! If I didn’t fall in love with Beautisol, then I would probably love Sun more! It’s a fantastic self tanner, smells nice, goes on smooth, not streaky, big bottle, inexpensive and easy to find at stores! I bought mine for $23.99 at the Beauty Supply store in the El Camino Shopping Center on Mulholland next to Vons. But if you click the link above to buy it, it’s only $17! I suggest everyone try it! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this!

xo TVM xo

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