Swim Lessons

23 Jul

As I previously posted on May 24th … you should get your kids swimming!!!!

Look what I saw in today’s Jen’s List email:

“My boys are swimming!!!!!
I was lagging on making sure that Ben and Josh were water safe this summer. One thing after another got in the way and before I knew it, it was July. A bunch of friends have recommend Laura over the years and the fact that we could walk to her house, where the lessons are held, made it way to easy not to start asap. After 3 weeks, 2 times a week, Ben and Josh are DIVING IN AND SWIMMING ACROSS THE POOL! It is amazing and they actually ASK to go to swimming lessons! She teaches year round and not only do I recommend her, but the list goes on of other Jens List members who are happy too! Call her at 818-404-0700! – Jen’s List ”

To serve your memory better … here is my original post from 5/24/10:


I cannot believe how AMAZING this swim instructor is!

Dylan went right to her, got right in the 90+ degree water and did EVERYTHING she asked him to do!

If you want your little one to take swim lessons … now is the time and this is the place!

(I have contacted 5 different schools/instructors, this is my fave especially for the price)


“Let’s have fun and be SAFE in the water”

(818) 404-0700

Call or Text, she is busy with lessons throughout the day but she will get back to you!

Don’t wait to call, make sure to say “The Valley Mom” sent you and you will get:
12 lessons for the price of 10 for only $250!
Hurry up and call to receive this special discount during the month of July!

I promised pictures and I kept a promise!

His progress is documented below!

The swim lessons are conveniently located at her house in West Hills right off of Valley Circle, very easy to find. Her pool is heated, so the kids are happy to dunk right in! There is a tent above the pool so there are no children crying that the sun is in their eyes. There are 3 instructors in the pool giving lessons. This is not Mommy&Me swim, you watch … they teach. Or if you are like me, you take a bazillion pictures and yell “hooray” 20 times to your little one while they teach! ;)

During Dylan’s first lesson he blew bubbles every time she asked, he kicked his legs as she sang it to him, he crawled the edge of the pool with his fingertips like a monkey just like she asked, he jumped into her arms when told, he picked up toys and rings from the steps, when she let him go for the 2 seconds, he came right back up! Plus, she had great baby goggles for sale right there cheaper than anywhere else ($9) and he wore them and LOVED them. Laura is truly amazing! And best of all … she has a treat basket that keeps these kids wanting to do as they are told and to keep coming back! Genius!

I am not being silly either … I know it was Dylan’s first day! But I got to see 5 other kids in between the time we got there, swam and left. They were ALL swimming, kicking their legs, doing breast stroke and even floating on their backs! I was so impressed! I would recommend her to all of you Mommies and Daddies out there.

After the first day, Dylan started to figure out that he had to have his swim lesson and would start to whimper a bit. There were days he cried, days he laughed, days he zoned, and days he loved it. Either way…  taking these lessons at this young, ripe age was the best thing we could have done for Dylan this summer. Every time we are in a pool, he is happy and confidant that he can do it! He blows bubbles, kicks his legs, when he goes under water he keeps his eyes open and blows air out and he can walk along the edge of the pool with his hands! It’s nice to know while being supervised he is a confidant water goer! Yippee! I truly suggest these lessons to all parents with small children who plan to take your children swimming in their lifetime! It’s an amazing gift.

I took video and pictures every day for 2 weeks while Dylan had his lesson so you could see the amazing progress for yourself!

The pictures say it all … he got acclimated with the water, dunked while breathing out (not holding his breath), blew bubbles when getting ready to swim, learned to kick his legs, learned to walk along the edge of the pool with his hands, learned to get out of the pool and even learned how to swim a little bit all on his own!

I am still going to the lessons … so Dylan will be a safe swimmer! ;)

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