Deals are Everywhere!

7 Apr

The latest craze in the lamest economy:

Websites that feature deals!

How can you not LOVE a deal? Whether you only find one deal a month you would actually buy or you find one every week … a deal is a deal and we all LOVE our deals here!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite websites I find deals, coupons, discounts, vouchers, etc …  and everyone should join. You get one email per day at most from these sites and they are always featuring some sort of deal!

Just sign up … it’s worth the one email a day!

Here are my faves in no particular order:



Click on the links above to get started. I get my emails from each of these sites once per day and I either love the deal and buy or I just hit delete. That is it! I didn’t get any spam or other junk from them and I’ve been signed up for a long time!

A couple examples:

Today on – Save $50 on 2 My Gym Classes and a Lifetime Membership! Buy it for $40! Wow … great deal! And we LOVE My Gym!

Today on – It’s your last chance to purchase Break Camp at Camp Calabasas. Buy up to 3 days per child for only $19! That is a steal!

Remember there are hundreds of other deal sites out there, these are just the few that I personally love and find things that I can relate to and buy. Again, this is a huge business craze and there will be a hundred new sites like them tomorrow! ;) But, hey, keep ’em comin’! We all want to put money in our piggy banks!

Enjoy your savings everyone!



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