Acupuncture … AMAZING!

21 Oct

Marin Kokin, L.Ac.

To say that my pregnancy was rough this time around would be a serious understatement. I’m not looking for sympathy and certainly not being a victim, but if there is anyone else out there that might be going through the same thing, I hope that this can find you some relief.

Let’s just say this … when I am pregnant I get LARGE. My stomach gets so BIG for my little 5′ 1″ body that it goes through some severe shock. In this state of body shock I go through more pain than I can handle. Please see picture for some understanding.

Why my back and ligaments hurt ...

During this blessed time which is supposed to be beautiful and full of smiles, while I am incredibly grateful I am pregnant and can conceive a child, I am usually in a state of such serious discomfort, that it’s hard to be all smiles.  Luckily, this time around I found acupuncture … or should I say acupuncture found me?

Marin Kokin, L. Ac., who just happens to be my neighbor, is a Mother of 4 and can completely relate to having the discomfort of having a huge belly during pregnancy … she has twins! She took one look at me and said you NEED to get into my office and get some relief, we will take care of you. Well, let me just tell you, that was also a SERIOUS UNDERSTATEMENT! They took such good care of me during my pregnancy and even now, post natal. I do not just write this as a thank you, or because she is my neighbor and my new-found friend … I write this because ANYONE AND EVERYONE needs to try acupuncture and you have to try it with Marin and her most incredible office and staff.

I have been treated with such kindness, love and warmth from Marin and her entire staff. They are extremely accommodating, have efficient front desk help, painless billing (THEY TAKE INSURANCE!!!)  and so many different varieties of help through the practice of acupuncture and massage. The office is conveniently located in Sherman Oaks and it is so nice there that you feel like you are entering a spa when you walk in. Once you step foot into a room, all pain, worries, stress and anxiety are lifted … the energy is so calming, the music in the background is just right and ALL of the treatments are truly incredible and they really do work!

This is me during acupuncture


I had never tried acupuncture before and when I “signed up” to do so, I will admit, I was nervous. But not one time can I ever say that it hurt. It only healed. I couldn’t have gone through my pregnancy without Marin and her staff.

I have to also quickly say that I know it’s not just me who thinks acupuncture helps. My husband had shoulder surgery during the time I was pregnant. He plays baseball, a pitcher, and has had severe pain in his shoulder for years. After the surgery he went to physical therapy 3 times a week, every week, stretched at home every morning and evening, iced, etc and all like clockwork. After all the treatments he was told to do, he just wasn’t getting the full recovery or relief to play ball again. I had mentioned it to Marin and she said she would take care of that! Reluctantly, my husband went in and had an acupuncture treatment with her. He was AMAZED! He really felt “cured” after regularly going for treatments. I knew it was real at managing recovery and pain after he went because most Men are typically more hesitant to try these alternative ways of therapy … so if he said it worked and started playing ball again, than I knew I certainly wasn’t making it up !

You all know I ONLY write about people/products/services I love … and this is one that I am over the moon about! I recommend trying acupuncture to anyone and everyone who has anything from allergies to serious pain or illness. And more importantly I recommend going to Marin Kokin, L.Ac.

You may visit her website by CLICKING HERE or visiting Or you may call her office directly at (818) 528-1050.

Make sure to tell them The Valley Mom sent you!

Here is some more about Marin that I want everyone to read in case you may need her for all the other things she specializes in that you may be relating to other than pregnancy:

Ms. Kokin’s practice is unique and distinctive.  She specializes in infertility and pregnancy as well as orthopedics and pain management.  This includes musculoskeletal and gynecological/obstetric pain, pre and post operative rehabilitation, and injury rehabilitation.  She also treats many internal medicine conditions such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, gynecological conditions, and the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  Treatments include acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, acupressure, myofacial release, Chinese herbal prescriptions, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, stretching exercises, and cold/heat therapy.”

I hope you all get the pleasure of meeting Marin, getting acupuncture and/or massage at her office.



One Response to “Acupuncture … AMAZING!”

  1. thevalleymom November 1, 2011 at 7:59 pm #

    Hey! I Was in a car accident about a month ago and my shoulder has been killing me. Saw your post on Marin Kokin and went yesterday. Love her!! Going back today. Thanks Valley Mom :) – Katie M. (from Facebook)

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